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what should i do before plastic surgery?

WHAT SHOULD I DO BEFORE PLASTIC SURGERY? – 1. INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE Two of the most important healing elements are calories and protein. Extra protein is needed to build new tissue and blood vessels, repair injured tissue and step up production of cells that repair the wound. Choose high quality protein sources like fish, poultry, beans & legumes or lean cuts of meat.

2. STAY WELL-HYDRATED BY DRINKING WATER It is important to drink at least 6-8 glasses of high quality water each day and especially the day prior to surgery, to help cleanse and hydrate the body. Water is especially important prior to surgery, as fluid intake is reduced the day of surgery.

3. BUILD A SUPPORT STRUCTURE Rely on your family and friends to help you during the stressful time of a surgery. From assisting with household chores to providing emotional support, having them around is a plus.

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