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3 BENEFITS OF BREAST AUGMENTATION . A breast augmentation is the process of increasing the size of the #breasts by inserting a silicone implant or extra fat into the breast. . If you’ve thought about the possibility of having a breast augmentation but aren’t sure if it will help you, it might be good for you to know the long term benefits of undergoing the procedure. . IMPROVED CONFIDENCE Improved confidence is one of the main benefits of breast augmentation surgery. There’s no doubt that appearance has a big impact on confidence. . FEEL MORE ATTRACTIVE Having larger breasts can certainly make you feel more attractive. Larger breasts will give you the opportunity to wear different types of clothing that you may feel more attractive in and can prevent you feeling self-conscious. . YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT PAIR OF BREASTS When preparing for a breast augmentation, Dr. Hugo Rodríguez will talk to you about the types of results that can be achieved through your surgery. This provides the perfect opportunity to explain how you would like your new breasts to look and what size you would like them to be.

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